Regulation 2021

Regulation of International Opera Competition Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

Fifth Edition – 02 – 03 Ottobre 2021

Organizzato da “Associazione Giuseppe Verdi” di Mesero.
Direzione Artistica: Nan Zheng Bonfanti
Presidente: Mauro Bonfanti


  1. The “Saint Gianna Beretta Molla” International Opera Competition open to all opera singers, as long as they are of age, of any nationality, without age limits.
  2. Together with the registration form, the candidate must present:
    a) photocopy of identity document; b) a short artistic curriculum in Italian or English, with telephone numbers and email address; c) the musical program indicating: author, title and origin of the pieces; d) receipt of the payment of Euro 20.00 as registration fee for the On Line Elimination phase, no later than 25 September 2021; Reason: registration fee Preliminary On Line “Saint  Gianna” Competition, addressed to: “Giuseppe Verdi” Association of Mesero c / o Banca Prossima, Milan branch, IBAN: IT08J0306909606100000139264 BIC: BCITITMM; Candidates subsequently admitted to the semifinal phase will have to integrate their registration with an additional 30.00 Euros (20.00 Euros if only the religious section is attended) in the same manner as above and by 30 September 2021; e) all documentation must be sent by email to the address:; f) candidates can also choose to register by filling out the form directly ON LINE:  In case of non-participation in the Competition, the secretariat will not be held, under any circumstances, reimbursement of the registration fee already paid;
  3. The deadline for registration and receipt of all documentation is set for 25 September 2021;
  4. The Competition will take place from 2 to 3 October 2021 and will include three phases: preliminary round with the On LINE procedure by sending a video as specified in art. 5; live semifinal (2 October) at the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Mesero, and FINAL with concert open to the public (3 October) at the Magenta Lyric Theater.
    For the entire duration of the Competition, competitors will be invited to prepare 3 operatic pieces. The competitor may also present a sacred or religious piece (including opera but different from the three presented in the opera section) free choice, being given the possibility to compete only for the religious or sacred section (only one piece); in this case, if the elimination phase is passed, the payment of Euro 40.00 will be required as registration fee;
  5. To participate in the Eliminatory phase, the candidate must send his own VIDEO by 25 September 2021 containing an aria from the 3 indicated in the registration of the Competition, and possibly the religious piece for the relative prize. The results of the Eliminatory phase will be published on the website: https: // by 28 September 2021. Competitors who are absent from the live semifinal phase will be excluded from the Competition; delays will be admitted only proven by justified reason and, in any case, which do not exceed the term of the semifinal round. No reimbursement, travel expenses, board and lodging will be paid to the competitors. A transfer service to the Magenta / Mesero Railway Station will be made available to competitors for the day of the semifinals in Mesero at a cost of 5 Euros;
  6. Hotel accommodation: competitors will have the opportunity to stay (with food) in affiliated structures at affordable prices. For information, contact the Competition secretariat: 0039 3408596465 email:;
  7. The jury will decide at its sole discretion the distribution of the prizes and, if it deems it appropriate, the non-assignment of the same or part of them. The jury has the right to interrupt the test of a candidate, as long as there is unanimity;
  8. All the finalists admitted to the Concert on 3 October 2021 will receive a diploma of honor;

The following prizes will be awarded:

– First Prize: Euro 1500.00;

– Second Prize: Euro 1000.00;

– Third Prize: Euro 500.00;

– Prize for the best performance of a sacred or religious piece: Euro 500.00;

– Over 40 Award (best singer born before 1/1/1982) Memorial Doctor Alfredo Conci: Euro 300.00;

  1. The “Giuseppe Verdi” Cultural Association reserves the right to film, record and transmit the stages of the Competition with videotape, tape, CD-DVD, internet, radio and TV, without any obligation to the competitors, for any reason. Participation in this competition involves the release for the use of audio / video recordings for radio, television and internet broadcasting, and does not involve the payment of rights or fees of any nature, for any reason or cause. Registration for the Competition implies acceptance of these regulations;
  1. We do not take responsibility for reswho or damages of any nature that may arise to competitors during the course of the entire Competition;
  1. The Artistic Direction and the Organization of the Competition reserve the right to make changes to these regulations, should it be necessary;
  1. In the event of a dispute, the Court of Milan is competent, and the text of these regulations in Italian is valid;
  2. Pursuant to Legislative Decree Of 30 June 2003 n. 196 Code regarding the protection of personal data, the Cultural Association “Giuseppe Verdi” informs that the data provided on the registration form will be stored and used exclusively by the same in order to send information relating to the Association and that, pursuant to the aforementioned Legislative Decree, the data owner has the right to know, update, delete and correct his data or oppose its use.


  1. ON LINE Eliminatory Round: please refer to point 5.
  2.  Semifinal Round – 2 October 2021:Performance of two live opera pieces chosen by the Commission and of the religious piece if participating in the relative section;
  3.  Final Round (Public concert) – 3 October 2021: The program of the final concert will be determined by the Commission of selection, both for the opera section and for the sacred or religious section;


Commission President:

Maestro Bruno Casoni – Director of the Chorus of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan;

Jury members:

Maestro Mauro Bonfanti – Singing teacher, Baritone and President of the Competition;

Prof. Nan Zheng Bonfanti – Soprano, Professor of Singing at the “Giacomo Puccini” Conservatory of Gallarate and Artistic Director of the Competition;

Maestro Alessandro Galoppini – Casting Manager of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan;

Maestro Mauro Trombetta – Composer and conductor, former artistic director of the Verona Arena and the Rome Opera House;

Maestro Sebastiano Rolli – Conductor;

Prof. Anna Maria Pizzoli – Soprano, former Professor of Singing at the “G. Verdi ”in Milan;

Prof. Sergio Gianzini – Composer, former Director of the “G.Puccini” Conservatory of Gallarate;

Prof. Patrizia Bernelich – Conductor;

Maestro Aldo Ruggiano – Pianist and Director of the Monzese Choir;

Maestro Damiano Cerutti – Pianist and Conductor;

Note: Should a member of the Jury be the teacher of one of the candidates in the Competition, he will refrain from making any verbal and written judgment on the latter and to vote for it;


a) The registration document has legal value and, in the event of disputes, the only valid text is the original Italian text;

b) The organization of the Competition makes the accompanying pianist available free of charge; if a competitor wishes to participate with his own pianist, upon prior notice, he will have to assume all travel, accommodation and other expenses.

c) Information:

Organizing Secretariat of the Competition: cell. 0039 3408596465;

mail: website:

Competition Pianist:

Damiano Cerutti;


Maria Chiara Brandolini – Organizational Secretariat

Cristina Pattini – Organizational Secretariat

Wladimir Sestan – collaborator

“Del superbo è vana l'ira”
Il Trovatore

Il Trovatore
Giuseppe Verdi

“La brevità, gran pregio”
La Bohème

La Bohème
Giacomo Puccini

“Sì vendetta, tremenda vendetta!”

Giuseppe Verdi